2.2 The Passwords Category

As mentioned above, there are two primary administrative roles for mailing lists. In this category you can specify the password for these roles.

The list owner has total control over the configuration of their mailing list (within some bounds as specified by the site administrator). Note that on this page, for historical reasons, the list owner role is described here as the list administrator. You can set the list owner's password by entering it in the password field on the left. You must type it twice for confirmation. Note that if you forget this password, the only way for you to get back into your list's administrative pages is to ask the site administrator to reset it for you (there's no password reminders for list owners).

If you want to delegate list moderation to someone else, you can enter a different moderator password in the field on the right (typed twice for confirmation). Note that if you aren't going to delegate moderation, and the same people are going to both configure the list and moderate postings to the list, don't enter anything into the moderator password fields. If you do enter a separate moderator password, be sure to fill in the moderator variable in the General options category page.